I can’tĀ believeĀ it, but I actually won the writingĀ competitionĀ on Ebony Black Lines! šŸ˜® Wow. If anyone wants to see what I wrote, I posted it here. My prize was a book called Dear Dylan by the author Siobhan Curham, and it’s about a girl named Georgie who dreams of becoming an actor, who starts an internet […]


Ok, another one of my all time favourite books; Bloodchild by Tim Bowler A teenage boy (whose name escapes me, as I read it a few years ago XD) wakes up with sever head injuries – and no memory whatsoever. He has amnesia, and has to piece together a web of lies and mystery leading […]


This is theĀ pieceĀ of writing I entered into the aforementioned competition. I shall call it… memories. Any comments on it are appreciated ^^ ~*~ Memories. Memories are powerful. They shape you. They can haunt you. They are you.Ā  Memories can destroy lives and save them. Even though they are nothing more solid or real than a […]


Just a WIPĀ pieceĀ of writing. It’s a bit weird without context, so just bear with me. It’s supposed to be a sort of twisted fairytale. ——- Scarlett brushed a lock of chestnut hair away from her deep brown eyes. With a tired sigh of relief, she sunk down onto the soft grass beneath her and slumped […]