The Library

A poem which I entered into the Tower Poetry Competition on the subject of ‘The Details’. Tell me what you think? The Library through the glass it seems soundless, still, sterile you imagine lifeless shells, just fragile relics of a forgone age but submerge yourself, see beyond walls of dry paper like muted halos, the tracks […]


I can’t believe it, but I actually won the writing competition on Ebony Black Lines! 😮 Wow. If anyone wants to see what I wrote, I posted it here. My prize was a book called Dear Dylan by the author Siobhan Curham, and it’s about a girl named Georgie who dreams of becoming an actor, who starts an internet […]


This is the piece of writing I entered into the aforementioned competition. I shall call it… memories. Any comments on it are appreciated ^^ ~*~ Memories. Memories are powerful. They shape you. They can haunt you. They are you.  Memories can destroy lives and save them. Even though they are nothing more solid or real than a […]

Check out…

I should probably have done this a while ago, but everyone should check out my friend’s blog, Ebony Black Lines – She’s a great writer and she’s also a bookworm like me, she writes on her blog a lot and it’s really good! ^^ I entered into a writing competition in her blog, which is […]