I love my class sometimes

Today in maths, we had ‘cake thursday’ (literally the highlight of my day and the only good thing about maths). One of the girls made¬†rainbow cupcakes¬†and the other girl made oreo brownies. They were both the most awesome things I have ever tasted and seen… I LOVE MY CLASS SOMETIMES Also, today a really cute […]

Neat Eats

I found this amazingly cute shop on Etsy called NeatEats. It’s so so adorable! They have little¬†miniature¬†jewellery versions of¬†nearly¬†any kind of food you can imagine. And they’re so realistic and small and they’re even scented like the actual food *.* I really want to buy everything they have. Just a small selection of the amazingness […]

It’s cake time!

And now, it’s that time of the year when I get to spam you with cakes that I’ve made. ūüėÄ So… firstly there’s this strawberry shortcake. Shortcake is basically like a giant scone with cream and strawberries. It’s really yummy and lighter than a normal cake too ūüôā Then we have these cupcakes, which were […]


Just¬†finished¬†making, filling and topping¬†fifty¬†five profiteroles and I’m exhausted XD Still, it’s all fun. And the best part of baking is when other people enjoy it! ^^ Funnily, my blog isn’t a food blog at all, but somehow that seems to be most of the¬†content at the moment I have some tasteful pictures of more food […]