ode to autumn

leaves’ souls burn up in red, orange and yellow flames gnarled bark shivers in bare naked branches pale sky wraps up for autumn in a coat of clouds sweet rain quenches thirsty soil and greedy roots faded petals crinkle up like tissue paper, shrivelled but bulbs beneath sit fat and warm, sleeping and waiting migrating […]

The 30 day creative challenge

Basically this is a little ‘meme’ which I’ve created, mostly to inspire myself to do more writing and creative stuff because I can be lazy when it comes to that. Every day (for 30 days) , you have to either write a short piece of writing, a poem, or create some artwork, inspired by a […]


I wrote this short piece a while ago, tell me what you think? — Waiting. It’s the worst feeling. Waiting, waiting for someone who should be there. You hope, desperately, she will come. You almost beg her, inside, to arrive. But you know, deep inside. You know it’s nothing more than a hope. She won’t. You scrabble […]

The Library

A poem which I entered into the Tower Poetry Competition on the subject of ‘The Details’. Tell me what you think? The Library through the glass it seems soundless, still, sterile you imagine lifeless shells, just fragile relics of a forgone age but submerge yourself, see beyond walls of dry paper like muted halos, the tracks […]