Day three: Destiny

Write a piece of prose inspired by the prompt: Destiny

“Arthur, fetch me my lucky gold penny immediately.” Kay commands.
My brother believes in luck. He believes that the toss of a coin or a four-leafed clover can change your life, shape your path. If it is real, he was born lucky. The athletic, wealthy, charming elder brother, skilled in sword fighting and high ranking in every way (expect perhaps in compassion or intelligence).
What about me? No one in my family asks or cares for my opinion, but I don’t believe in luck. I believe in fate. I believe we all carve our own paths in life, not have them influenced by unseen forces which we can’t control. Everything we do, every action and every word, shapes our destiny. I believe I have a road, a destiny waiting out there for me. Maybe it isn’t magnificent or esteemed like my brother’s, but it’s the only thing which is entirely mine. I want to make it a good one.
“Sir Kay, the tournament starts in five minutes.” the squire announces, breaking me out of my reverie.
“Arthur!” Kay grabs me roughly by the arm. “Where is my sword, you vile little boy?
I search around desperately as Kay grows increasingly infuriated with every passing moment.
“The tournament starts in five minutes! If you’ve lost my sword, I’ll… I’ll…”

I don’t wait for his threat. Running off, I dart into the thick, dark woodland in hunt of the sword. Perhaps I dropped it on the forest floor when we were travelling here?
I pause for breath in a small clearing. I look up; a large, mossy stone is just in front of me.
A sword. There is a sword, wedged firmly upright into the rock. Ivy curls up the hilt and a gentle ray of sunlight illuminates the smooth blade.
Is it mine?
Who cares? I have the risk of my own brother murdering me. I grasp the sword and feel the blade twist in my hand and listen to the grate of rock; it slides out fairly easily, like pulling a plant from the soil.
“Arthur!” A distant yell. I run, feeling strangely light as I leave the unusual clearing.
Destiny. The word slips into my thoughts again. I wonder what the future holds for me.


Tomorrow’s challenge – Create a piece of artwork inspired by the prompt: Tree

~ Hanifah


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