The 30 day creative challenge


Basically this is a little ‘meme’ which I’ve created, mostly to inspire myself to do more writing and creative stuff because I can be lazy when it comes to that. Every day (for 30 days) , you have to either write a short piece of writing, a poem, or create some artwork, inspired by a prompt word. Each day I will post what I made for the challenge, and will also post the next days challenge so anyone who wants to do it alongside me can prepare for the next day! 🙂
If you are going to be doing this (which would be awesome!) then please post the little button I made on your blog, I would love that c:

So…the first challenge, for tomorrow, is:

Create a piece of artwork inspired by the prompt: Journeys

~ Hanifah


5 thoughts on “The 30 day creative challenge

  1. This may very well be the type of thing I need to give my writing (and myself) a kick in the pants. I will gladly join your challenge! Thank you for creating it. 🙂

  2. I probably won’t be doing this right now, as my life over the next three weeks is literally going to stuffed like a Chrimble turkey, but is it OK if I do it some other time, and just find the corresponding post for each day? I just love this idea.

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