I wrote this short piece a while ago, tell me what you think?

It’s the worst feeling.

Waiting, waiting for someone who should be there.

You hope, desperately, she will come. You almost beg her, inside, to arrive.

But you know, deep inside. You know it’s nothing more than a hope. She won’t.

You scrabble on the hope, losing grip. As time passes it slips away from you, and the reality of your situation hits hard. You’ve been hiding from it, but now it washes over you like a wave of tears.


Your throat stiffens. Your fingers slip limply away, defeated. She didn’t come. Like all those times before. And yet… you still believed, somewhere deep inside, that she would come. That she cared. Stupid, stupid girl. Stop hiding from the truth.
Do you know what it’s like, to wait, every single day? Waiting hopelessly for a ‘friend’, your only friend, who doesn’t care if you’re lonely or that you agreed to meet up. You wait and she doesn’t come, and you spend the day alone. You wait for her indifferent excuse the next lesson, if you even see her at all. You wait and watch her walk away without so much as a goodbye, and you know the friendship has slipped like sand from your fingers. You wonder where this all went so wrong, what precise moment the friendship began to erode away.
Will you wait again the next day, or will you break away?

~ Hanifah


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