Little Happy Things

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things which make you feel the happiest.

* Befriending a cat on the street
* Walking on a wet day and splashing in all the puddles
* Trying new food which tastes amazing
* Crunching through a huge pile of crispy autumn leaves
* Getting a message from someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time
* Painting wildly with bright colours
* When everyone laughs at a joke you made
* When the book you’ve been waiting ages for finally comes out
* Snuggling in a warm blanket indoors on a cold day
* The feeling when you’ve been trying to do something for ages, and you finally manage to do it
* Going to the cinema with buttery popcorn and good friends
* Running with the wind blowing in your hair
* When someone loves the gift you gave them
* Ice lollies on a hot summer’s day
* The feeling of achievement and pride when you complete a drawing/painting/story/poem you’ve been working on for a while
* Compliments from strangers
* Painting your nails a bright colour

Any other small things which make you feel fuzzy inside? I’d love any suggestions, as I’m trying to make the list as big as possible! 😀

~ Hanifah


6 thoughts on “Little Happy Things

  1. eeek i’m making one too! haha great minds think alike. 😉
    i have all yours, and a few off the top of my head:
    when a stranger says ‘hello’ to you.
    productive days
    walking barefoot
    trips out with the family
    what book just came out? and what did you finally do? and what film did you watch?
    btw i got your letter today. 🙂 x

    • These are cute ^^ I haven’t experienced any of these specifically in recent times, they’re just general things. 🙂
      I can’t wait for sherlock series 3/the hobbit 2 though 😮

  2. Love this! I can relate to so many of them too…recently I discovered an amazing fruit called a mangostine, which tastes incredible ^_^ and I love painting my nails bright colours, and when you make a joke that everyone laughs at, and the wind in your hair, and when people love what you’ve got them…
    A few more for me:
    ~ productive days (like Hawwa said!)
    ~ finding amazing song lyrics, especially when they describe your situation. From Starlings by Elbow, which I listened to for the first time on Sunday and immediately noticed this:
    And at the top is stopping by
    your place of work and acting like
    I haven’t dreamed of you and I
    and marriage in an orange grove.
    ~ when you think of a funny film quote that you’ve not thought of in ages and quote it to someone you know who loves the film
    ~ when you’re trying really hard to remember something and then you do
    ~ making to-do lists and crossing things off them
    ~ making any kind of lists and crossing things off them!
    ~ sifting through bits of paper and finding the beginning of an old poem/story that you started a while ago and forgot about, and rereading it and really liking it and continuing it. I did this the other day!
    ~ talking to someone you don’t often talk to
    ~ seeing a hilarious picture on Facebook or Blogger or Tumblr
    ~ winning a giveaway! (like on Ebony Black Lines! :D)

    I could go on…:D ❤

    • YES EMILY! MY EPIC GIVEAWAYS….all of them are finished now but i have yet to sort out the winners…ya never know…;)) love these too:
      ~ when you’re trying really hard to remember something and then you do
      ~ making to-do lists and crossing things off them
      ~ making any kind of lists and crossing things off them!

    • Oh I’ve heard of mangostine, I always laugh when I hear it because it sounds like ‘Mango’s teen’ XD Yeah my sense of humour is weird.
      That’s a really cute list I love making lists even though I NEVER complete everything on them

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