After what seems a lifetime of rain, grey and gloom (and even a little snow) in the supposed season of ‘spring’, finally the sun has come out!  It’s warm and there’s a gentle breeze and daffodils have pushed their sleepy heads up through the soil. It’s amazing how a simple change in weather can affect your mood […]


I wrote this short piece a while ago, tell me what you think? — Waiting. It’s the worst feeling. Waiting, waiting for someone who should be there. You hope, desperately, she will come. You almost beg her, inside, to arrive. But you know, deep inside. You know it’s nothing more than a hope. She won’t. You scrabble […]

Jam Tarts

So, today I made some yummy jam tarts! Yeah the jam kinda overflowed because I put too much in… but they tasted good! 255g Plain flour 140g Hard butter A little water Various flavours of jam/marmalade 1. Set your oven to gas mark 5. 2. Cut the butter into chunks and rub it in into […]