A Journey in Pictures

So a while ago (okay well quite some time ago, just haven’t come round to posting all these pictures) I went on a little trip to central London. It was to take pictures for my art project, but also just for a bit of fun as well x)

Instead of writing to tell you what i did there as I usually do, today I’m showing you my journey in photos (all taken by me). 🙂

SAM_0771The first place we visited was London bridge.


SAM_0777We visited ‘Lola’s cupcakes’, a really cute little place that makes the most amazing cupcakes ever!

SAM_0773Look at all the cake! 😮

SAM_0780 SAM_0781

My mum had a red velvet (top) and I had cookies and cream.
Okay now for some random shopping pictures of stuff I just liked on Oxford street:

SAM_0782 SAM_0783 SAM_0784

We then went to Speedy’s, which is where part of BBC Sherlock was filmed (yes me and my mum are Sherlock fans okay don’t laugh we were excited)
We even had the ‘Sherlock wrap’ XD It was really nice, chicken and chili sauce and sweet peppers.


We also visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum at the actual 221b Baker street…
SAM_0802 SAM_0805
I had to take a photo of this cute sherlock holmes bear

We also visited Regents Park Mosque

And finally, covent gardens.
(Those people are random strangers who photobombed me)

It was really packed by then, and I hate heavy crowds, so we went home soon after. Our station was closed so it got a bit hectic, but we got home in the end. It was a really good trip ^^
~ Hanifah


5 thoughts on “A Journey in Pictures

  1. Gorgeous photos! I’ve been to London twice, once for a wedding when I was 7 and once in November to see the V&A Ballgowns Exhibition (I did a post about it if you remember.) However I’ve never been shopping in Central London, which I’d really love to do!

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