A nameless poem

I poem I wrote whilst I was supposed to be revising Physics x)
This reflects what I occasionally feel (revising especially evokes this as you can see) but I know that in the real world you can’t just run away from what seems boring now, and that you have to work hard to achieve things.
It’s a little depressing perhaps, but then isn’t most poetry?

sometimes I think
what am I doing
half-heartedly revising for the next brain aching,
unforgiving, stress inducing, mistake-making
my ears filled with teacher’s droning
chinese whispered gossip, friends moaning
all talking so much but not saying a thing
like grey rain that keeps on splashing past
surrounded by thick walls
of textbooks and girls with
fake smiles, fake faces
same old bus trundling past the same old places
each day feels just the same
this life is so mundane
I want to break off this routine like a rusted ball and chain


4 thoughts on “A nameless poem

  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG it’s awesome! Why are you so good at writing poetry lol and I’m rubbish!! Haha I always try though..I enetered this poetry competition once…I’ got ”commended” -.- lol x

    • Thank you so much it’s really not that great, just a random rambling XD
      And wow commended is actually really good, I’ve never been mentioned in almost every competition I’ve entered in. xP You should be proud!

  2. A realistic execution of revision especially at school, deeper meaning to the foundations of social learning and distractions, I especially like the final verse 🙂

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