I love my class sometimes

Today in maths, we had ‘cake thursday’ (literally the highlight of my day and the only good thing about maths). One of the girls made rainbow cupcakes and the other girl made oreo brownies. They were both the most awesome things I have ever tasted and seen… I LOVE MY CLASS SOMETIMES

Also, today a really cute thing happened. Basically in English we had to go to the front of the class and give a monologue we’d prepared, and as a treat for doing it you got to take a chocolate from a box at the front. One girl did her monologue and then sat back down, and the teacher reminded her about the chocolates. The girl (who had obviously forgotten) said oh never mind, and another girl asked her if she genuinely didn’t want the chocolate, or if she just didn’t want to get up to get the chocolate (because it is kinda embarrassing going to the front just for sweets). The girl said she just didn’t want to get up, so the other girl did a really sweet thing; she just got up from her own seat and got the chocolates and gave them to her. They weren’t friends or anything, they barely knew each other. I know it’s only small and probably sounds a bit lame, but I thought it was a really kind thing to do on her behalf ^^

~ Hanifah


2 thoughts on “I love my class sometimes

  1. I do love reading your blog 🙂 I left school a long time ago – I’m 25 now. When I go back and find odd diary entries I did here and there, it’s great to read about things I had totally forgotten and would never have remembered again if it hadn’t been for me keeping a record of it.
    It’s those lovely, weird little positive things – like someone handing chocolates back to someone they’re not actually friends with – that are great to hold onto, however insignificant it might sound to others.

    I hope you never stop writing here – I promise you that you’ll treasure it. The age 25 seems to be a magic number where you suddenly feel incredibly sentimental about your school days. 😀

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