Neat Eats

I found this amazingly cute shop on Etsy called NeatEats. It’s so so adorable! They have little miniature jewellery versions of nearly any kind of food you can imagine. And they’re so realistic and small and they’re even scented like the actual food *.*
I really want to buy everything they have.

Just a small selection of the amazingness

~ Hanifah

2 thoughts on “Neat Eats

  1. *tummy rumbles* They look awesome! Btw could you e-mail me when you get ur prezzie in the post so I know it didn’t get lost or fall apart?! Also I’m going on holiday on Sat for a week so Eid Mubarak and don’t think I’m ignoring you if you e-mail me because I don’t think we will have wifi where we are going! 🙂 x

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