Wreck this Journal

Today I received my Wreck this Journal book through the post! I saw pictures of this on the internet and I thought it looked really cool, so I went and ordered it myself. It’s basically an art book with various interesting and creative prompts, I’m so excited to fill it all up *.*

Here is the untarnished, new book:

Every time I complete a page, I’ll post on my blog.

Prompt: Make a mess. Clean it up.

I used watercolours to make a big, colourful, splashy mess on the page. My intention was to use a tissue to rub out parts of it and write the quote on the rubbed out bits, but I realised you can only do that on watercolour paper x3

Still, it ended up looking okay. And it was supposed to be a mess! 😀

~ Hanifah


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