33 things to do before the age of 10

This is a beautiful list of things, created by Persil in a nationwide survey, of 33 must do things before you reach the age of 10. I love this list because it’s so sweet and magical and beautiful and really sums up what it’s like being a child. It’s great to go through the list and stir up all those fond memories of childhood. And if there’s any un-ticked boxes… why not do them now! It’s never too late and you’re never, ever too old to re-live childhood for a moment. ūüėČ

Now… just for fun, I’m going through the list to see if I can¬†remember¬†doing all these things.

1. Roll down your side on a grassy bank. I always used to do this when I was younger with my friends x3

2. Make a mud pie. My younger sisters were the queens of mud pies to be honest, but I sometimes joined in.

3. Make your own modelling dough mixture. If this means playdough, it was my life!

4. Collect frogspawn. I never did this, firstly because we never really came across frogspawn where we lived, and secondly because whenever we did I would always feel too bad for the poor frogs to ever take away their eggs x3

5. Make perfume from flower petals.¬†I used to always make mixtures and ‘soups’ from plants and leaves, so I’m pretty sure I did this at some point.

6. Grow cress on a windowsill. We did this, and ate it in an egg mayonnaise sandwich. It was delicious. c:

7. Make a¬†papier-m√Ęch√© mask. Alas, this wasn’t something I ever did, although I recently made a ¬†papier-m√Ęch√© plate if that counts?

8. Build a sandcastle. Who hasn’t done this? The best part is watching the sea slowly claim back the castle and it becomes part of the beach again.

9. Climb a tree. I was always (and still am) too short to climb a tree all the way to the top, but I sometimes scaled a branch or two and felt really epic.

10. Make a den in the garden. Me and my friends once made a den. It had sticks for a frame and leaves for the outside covering, all glued together with wet mud. I think I was older than 10 though.

11. Make a painting using your hands and feet. Yes, I did this and it sure was fun. I think I should do it again now, just for the joy of dipping your feet into cold squidgy colourful paint.

12. Organise your own teddy bears picnic. Being a loner, I used to have my own private teddy picnics, maybe with a sister or two invited and juice and biscuits for the snacks. I was always more interested in playing with the toys than eating. But I never organised one myself, although I did go to them.

13. Have your face painted.¬†I’ve never had my face painted D:
I’ll put it on my bucket list.

14. Bury a friend in the sand. I don’t have friends.¬†(if you get this¬†reference¬†I love you forever)
*cough* In all seriousness though, I never did bury a friend in the sand. Some day, my friends. Some day.

15. Make some bread. My dad used to make bread for us sometimes, and pizza dough and stollen and other bread like treats, and we used to help him put the yeast in the bread machine and stuff. But I never made it all on my own until I was older.

16. Make snow angels. I still do. :3

17. Create a clay¬†sculpture.¬†Another¬†thing I still do! I loved making things then and I still do now. Although… I have improved a lot from the mushy collapsing pots XD

18. Take part in a scavenger hunt. Yes! :’D We would organise scavenger hunts with clues in the form of riddles on post it notes stuck all over the house. And the final prize would be sweets. It was so so fun, and as I got older I used to make them for my sisters too.

19. Camp out in the garden.¬†We tried… but we never made the night. XD

20. Bake a cake.
*looks through all cake posts*
How can you ask me this.
Yes. Yes I did. ‘Bake a cake’ was one of the first¬†sentences¬†I said. o.o

21. Feed a farm animal. Do ducks count as farm animals?

22. Pick some strawberries. We have strawberry plants in our garden, and we used to just pick them and eat them before the slugs got there. ^^

23. Play pooh sticks. When I was younger I though ‘pooh sticks’ involved something disgusting XDD How wrong was I?

24.¬†Recognise¬†5 different bird species. I’ve always been into animals and David Attenborough was literally my favourite thing to watch, so I’m pretty sure I could do that. ūüėÄ

25. Find some worms. I spent many happy hours of my childhood finding and collecting various worms, snails and bugs.

26. Ride a bike through a muddy puddle. I still don’t know how to ride a bike *sobs*

27. Make and fly a kite. Never ūüė¶

28. Plant a tree. I planted many conkers, acorns and other seeds in my time. It would make me so happy to think that maybe one of them now is a tree, or at least a baby one. c:

29. Build a nest out of grass and twigs.¬†I don’t have a specific memory of doing this, but it sounds like something I would do.

30. Find 10 different leaves in the park. Whenever we went out to the park, I would always pick up and collect all the interesting things I saw along the way. Leaves, flowers, stones, feathers, seeds… everything really. I would bring them home and keep them for a bit, and then put them in the garden. Sometimes I would press the leaves and flowers and stick them down, and the feathers too.

31. Grow vegetables. We grew veg in our garden, but the one project that was really the kids was tomatoes. We grew this cute wonderful sweet cherry tomatoes and we all felt so proud.

32. Make breakfast in bed for your parents. Actually, yes. For about a month my mum had the pregnancy sickness, and I used to wake up early in the morning and make her tea and toast, and bring it up to her. My parents were so proud of me they even got me a little gift to say thank you, and I still have it now. c’:

33. Make a mini assault course in the garden. Memories of hurtling down our sloping driveway on bikes come rushing back to me.

So, how does your childhood compare to this list? Any memories re-surfacing? Comments are loved ^^

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