The Sisters Grimm

I recently finished reading the last book of my favourite series of all time, The Sisters Grimm by Micheal Buckley. I’m really sad that it’s all over, but I have been waiting a year for the ninth book to come out and it was worth it!

^ That is the first book in the series.

The series is about two sisters, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, who were orphaned two years prior to the events of the first book when their parents mysteriously disappeared, the only clue to their whereabouts being their crashed car left with a red handprint on the window. They were never found, and Sabrina and Daphne have spent the last few years on the run from various awful foster parents their social worker signs them up with. Until one day, she tells them they are going to live with their grandmother, Relda Grimm. The only problem being… their father had always told them their grandmother was dead.

The story then follows the adventures of two girls with their grandmother as they discover that they are related to the brothers Grimm – the fairytale writers – and that all fairytale characters are real! The girls solve mysteries and try to find out about the mysterious fairytale organisation, the Scarlet Hand.

I love these books because they combine my two favourite genres – fantasy and mystery/crime solving. But they really do have everything, for everyone. They have fantasy, mystery, adventure, humour (they made me laugh aloud a lot whilst I was reading them!), great characters and a gripping plot. It’s sad so few people know about them because they really are the best series of books I’ve ever read! So go. READ THEM. c:

~ Hanifah


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