Feels like Summer is nearly over…

Which it is, really, even though the sun is only just starting to shine here in Britain XD

I actually had a really great summer this year, one of my best. I’ve been going to a ‘youth club’ for teenage girls these holidays and we do loads of fun stuff. I’ve been going about three years, but this year the theme was talents and we had to create an exhibition for the parents to come to at the end. I was in the arts and crafts group. There wasn’t really any writing stuff – there was a media group who had to write and perform a play, but I wrote the play last year and I didn’t really want to do it again.
So I chose the arts group, which is the next best thing! It was great because all we did was sit there drawing and painting and talking which is just awesome.

It really doesn’t sound that amazing, I know, but it was great fun. I’d been having trouble at school (before the holidays) with friends and generally feeling lonely and rubbish as a result; I’ve made a lot of friends at the group and felt better than I have in a long time.
Also, I’ve really been getting into the swing of this blog, and even though I don’t have many followers/likes/whatever, I still enjoy writing about how I feel and ‘talking’ to people. That’s why I love the internet, as all socially awkward people like me do 😉

So anyway, that was all. Still have two weeks of summer left; GCSE results tomorrow (ARGH) and maybe possibly perhaps we might go camping. Says my dad. x3

Keep smiling! c:
~ Hanifah


3 thoughts on “Feels like Summer is nearly over…

  1. Awwh I hope school turns out better next term 🙂 Youth Club sounds great, I wish I had one near me and nooooo! I am practically dying with suspense ;o x

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