I can’t believe it, but I actually won the writing competition on Ebony Black Lines! 😮 Wow. If anyone wants to see what I wrote, I posted it here.

My prize was a book called Dear Dylan by the author Siobhan Curham, and it’s about a girl named Georgie who dreams of becoming an actor, who starts an internet friendship with a woman named Nan. The book is really sweet, well written and very poignant; I would definately recommend it. ^^

Also, the author said such nice things about my story too *blush*:

This was such a beautiful piece of writing. The opening description of memories acts as a really powerful hook into the rest of the story. Sometimes, when an opening is so strong, you can feel let down by the rest of the writing if it isn’t as good, but this definitely wasn’t the case here. This story just got more and more interesting and emotional. There was such tenderness in the writing and the author managed to convey so much in so few words. It brought tears to my eyes in places. It was such a great idea, so beautifully executed – it left me wanting to read more.


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