My first tagging! :3 I was tagged by the lovely Nadia at her blog, BritishMystery.

Here is how you play the tagging game:

  1. Write 3 facts about yourself
  2. Answer questions the tagger asked you
  3. Tag 3 other blogs
  4. Ask 3 new questions for them
  5. You can’t tag the person who tagged you!

So, three facts about me:

* I had my hair dip dyed blue for three months.
* I used to be homeschooled until I was about 14.
* I learnt to read when I was 3 years old 😀

My answers to Nadia’s questions:

What is your biggest fear?

Er… probably getting hopelessly lost in an unknown place. I’ve had a fear of getting lost ever since I was little XD

What are you wearing right now?        

A cherry coloured, checkered tunic with short sleeves and buttons over a pair of jeans. And stripey yellow socks c:

What is your favourite item of clothing?

That I own, probably a sky blue tunic with checks. I just love the colour! In general, I love jeans the most.

Ok, the three blogs I tag are:
Ebony Black Lines
Sky Blue
Shakira’s Book Blog

And my questions are:

* Do you own any pets?
* What is your fave flavour of ice cream?
* How many soft toys do you own? (if any) 😉


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