I got my GCSE results for two subjects yesterday! It’s awful waiting for them, I actually feel so much more nervous getting that little results envelope than when I actually go into the exam.I was really happy with my results as I got the grades I wanted for both my subjects, graphics and geography. My […]


I can’t believe it, but I actually won the writing competition on Ebony Black Lines! 😮 Wow. If anyone wants to see what I wrote, I posted it here. My prize was a book called Dear Dylan by the author Siobhan Curham, and it’s about a girl named Georgie who dreams of becoming an actor, who starts an internet […]


Just finished making, filling and topping fifty five profiteroles and I’m exhausted XD Still, it’s all fun. And the best part of baking is when other people enjoy it! ^^ Funnily, my blog isn’t a food blog at all, but somehow that seems to be most of the content at the moment I have some tasteful pictures of more food […]