Jelly Belly

Ramadan (that’s the Muslim month of fasting, for anyone who doesn’t know) is coming up and my whole family is getting prepped. One sort of family ‘tradition’ we have is that at the start, we buy a huge tub of jelly belly beans. Every day after we break our fast, we have a few beans as well. And at the end celebration (Eid), we nom all the remaining beans. It’s really nice and it’s something we always do, so it brings memories of past years.

Not to mention, those beans are really yummy ๐Ÿ˜€

My favorite flavours are very cherry, toasted marshmallow, caramel corn, strawberry cheesecake and cantaloupe. Anyone care to share theirs? c:


4 thoughts on “Jelly Belly

  1. You are the first person who I’ve ever heard of to incorporate Jelly Bellys into Ramadan! I love it! My favorite flavors are pear, raspberry, cantaloupe, and tangerine. The dollar store sells bags of mishapen Jelly Bellys and they’re even better than the tiny ones!

    • Thanks! Although it was my Dad’s idea, it’s become our little family thing now ๐Ÿ˜€
      Your dollar store beans sound so yummy! Unfortunately here in Britain Jelly belly isn’t so popular so we have to buy our gigantic tub online.

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