Ok… another one of my favourite books: Coraline by Neil Gaiman Most of you will probably be familiar with the film version of Coraline. Although the film is by no means a bad one, the book is much better; the atmosphere and feel of the book is a lot creepier and darker in the book. The book is amazingly […]

More cake!

This time I have two cakes to show the world. The first are these chocolate crispie cakes. My little sister made them, but I thought they looked really cute, so here they are:   The second is a carrot cake which I made. It doesn’t look much… (as with most of what I make, it […]


This is the piece of writing I entered into the aforementioned competition. I shall call it… memories. Any comments on it are appreciated ^^ ~*~ Memories. Memories are powerful. They shape you. They can haunt you. They are you.  Memories can destroy lives and save them. Even though they are nothing more solid or real than a […]

Check out…

I should probably have done this a while ago, but everyone should check out my friend’s blog, Ebony Black Lines – She’s a great writer and she’s also a bookworm like me, she writes on her blog a lot and it’s really good! ^^ I entered into a writing competition in her blog, which is […]